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Focus on the production of paper tags, self-adhesive stickers through FSC certification

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The strength of the company meets the tag and label needs of various industries

12 years professional manufacturer of custom tags, stickers, packaging boxes

With advanced fully automated printing equipment such as Heidelberg in Germany and Komori in Japan, it guarantees the quality and delivery time of the certificate products!

5000 square meters of professional workshop, strict quality management system, quality is more guaranteed.

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Tailored to provide customers with better quality solutions

Has a design team with more than 8 years of experience in the printing industry.

Tailored to customer requirements and public aesthetics

Material, size, shape, pattern, process are customized according to customer needs, cost can be controlled

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The price is 10% lower than the market price

Factory direct sales, no middlemen

Fully automated equipment production, saving labor costs

Scale benefits, lower costs

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One- stop service from professional service team makes you worry-free

Each customer is equipped with a professional customer service staff to implement one-on-one nanny service

Full tracking service, from design, proofing, finalization, production, inspection, and delivery to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers on time

Zhitong Printing, business scope spreads all over the country, 24 hours online 0769-85883597

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在线咨询 Zhitong Paper Tag Hotline 0769-85883597 Online Consultation

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Dongguan Zhitong Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Wanzhi Zhitong Printing Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Fengrui Printing Factory. In 2004, under the leadership of our general manager Chen, it was established in Houjie, the “Shoe Industry Capital”. Printing of labels, elevators, and instructions. After years of persistence and struggle, our company became a general taxpayer in 2010, and officially paid 17% tax for the country.
Under the struggle of all employees ...

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There are some self-adhesive labels suitable for sticking on rough surfaces! !!
In life, we often find that some stickers on objects are prone to peeling, edge warping, etc. That is because the surface of such objects is not composed of smooth surfaces, but is uniform ... Learn more> >
What are the printing methods for stickers, here are the answers
With the expansion of the self-adhesive label printing market, the self-adhesive has the characteristics of small investment, quick results, flexible methods, and multiple functions, and is favored by the market. Then, the way to print the sticker is like ... Learn more >>
What should be paid attention to when printing stickers?
Everyone in the printing industry knows that there are many points to pay attention to during the printing process of the stickers. Only by accurately grasping the precautions of the printing of stickers, can the sticker manufacturers be able to follow ... Read More >>
How much is a custom clothing tag? The questions you care about are finally answered
How much is a custom tag? Presumably this is a concern for customers who need a custom tag. A small tag, why is it so different? What factors affect the price of a tag? Below ... Learn more >>
Is the quality of the clothes good? Clothing tag tag tells you
Many friends only pay attention to the price on the clothing tag when they buy clothes. After they buy it, they cut out the clothing label tag directly. Since everyone only pays attention to the price on the label tag, why?
Common paper and thickness for clothing elevator printing, understand at a glance!
The customer service of Zhitong Printing Factory often receives some merchants who need to customize the tag, but they do not know much about the paper and thickness of the tag, and do not know how to choose? The following is the introduction of Zhitong Printing Factory ... Learn more >>
How to choose the material of the FSC certification tag, you will know after reading it!
The clothing tag is the instruction manual of the clothes as well as the decoration of the clothes, and it is also the bridge that the company promotes to the consumer brand. We are used to looking at the tag when buying clothes, the purpose is to understand the clothes ... Learn more >>
How to choose the material of the tag when designing the tag? Finally have an answer
Generally, when we walk into a shopping mall and want to buy a piece of clothing, we always first look at the tag on the clothing. This is to understand the price of the product, on the other hand, to understand through the clothing tag ... Learn more >>
How to remove the clothes tag? Zhitong Printing teaches you how to remove tags
Most of the new clothes we just bought will have a tag like this. In the absence of any tools, will you directly pull it down with your hands? Because the tag's plastic rope is thin and hard, this is very ... .Learn more >>
Clothing tag price, the formula to correctly calculate the cost price of the tag!
Tag is an indispensable accessory for clothing. The use of clothing tag is seen in the clothing and footwear industries. So do you know how to properly calculate the cost of a tag? First ... Learn more >>
What is the process of clothing tag?
I often encounter some customers who come to make custom clothing tags. They are very curious about the process of our clothing tags. In the communication process, they found that they want to print the whole process of clothing tags more ... Learn more >>
What details should be paid attention to when customizing a tag?
I often encounter some customers who have no concept in customizing the tag and do not have an accurate positioning of their products. Therefore, they do not know what their needs are for tag printing. I ... Learn more >>
What materials are used for clothing tags?
Zhitong Printing Factory recently encountered some customers during the process of receiving some customers and asked such a question: What materials are used to make clothing tags? How to choose the system suitable for clothing tags ... Learn more >>
What are the requirements for clothing tag design?
In general, customers who customize a tag for the first time have little concept of clothing tag design, but tag design is an important step in tag printing. Good or bad tag design may affect you ... Learn more >>
What should a clothing tag have?
For some new customers who custom-made clothing tags for the first time, they don't know what should be marked on the clothing tags? So when you print the tag, you have a problem, usually customers will ask for service ... Learn more >>

Designer-Mr. Li

Product Consulting-Miss Xu

After-sales customer service-Miss Wang

General Manager-Mr. Chen

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